About Us

After a tough time finding personalized geek items that were unique and delightful, we decided to create them ourselves. After our initial success of our items with friends and family, we branched out to creating accessories that keep your inner geek happy.

We aim to take the geek culture a step beyond, what you see on our site is only the front face of our company. We want to establish a network with everyone out there with the same ideology and hobbies as us. While we are starting small at El Paso Texas, we already have created a network with small local business. We will soon bring more and more personalized items to your door ranging from decals to jewelry, from pastries to floral arrangements and many more!

We believe that geek items should not be limited to what is in the store shelf but to what fits most to you. We will revolutionize the extent of your creativity and your Geek Obsession.